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Earth Protector® discloses pandemic hoax.

Join with us to repel the impending catastrophe.
THIS FAKE PANDEMIC IS SO Bill Gates of Microsoft, and his globalist partners like Buffet, Rockefeller, Rothschild, and others, can control and vaccinate us all.
If you decline their vaccine you will not be able to have a bank account, board a plane, get a license of any kind, or even have a job.
This is my first of several short videos on the hoax.
Call me anytime. 612-529-5253.
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Earth Protector® is our exclusive trademark.  Others using the Earth Protector® name are forgers and criminal infringers.


Learn about Bill Gates here.
Corbett Report on Bill Gates - 4 parts, total 2 hours.


Health Department is really the Sickness Department.
They support:
Glyphosate saturated food.
GMO (genetically modified) food.
Fluoridated water.
Ventilating vulnerable patients.
Locking down and causing depression, suicide, and illness.
Mask wearing for healthy people.
Except for healthcare providers and when in high-risk venues, no one should be wearing a mask. Most masks are unhealthy and some are even disease-promoting — Here’s why!
1. Chemical Off-gassing
Most masks are made from petrochemically derived constituents. When wearing such a mask the masked person is breathing air through a synthetic material that off-gases aerosolized toxic chemicals.

Many people have various respiratory illnesses and/or chemical sensitivities, so putting a mask on them is the worst thing that can be done. The same applies to people who are relatively healthy.

New products are notorious for o
ff-gassing various chemical toxins. Many of the highest rated masks even off-gas noxious VOCs (volatile organic compounds). In the case of a new mask, which is placed right over the mouth and nose, these vaporized chemicals go right into both airways.

When people breathe air through a toxic mask for weeks or months, they are inevitably experiencing an influx of harmful toxins into their brain tissue. Depending on the age, overall health and sensitivity of the individual, this predicament can produce its own set of concerning neurological symptoms.

With every breath, an individual is intaking some of the carbon dioxide they just exhaled. Instead of breathing in fresh clean air full of oxygen the mask is diminishing their oxygen intake and replacing it with the respiratory waste product—carbon dioxide. By decreasing their oxygen levels in this manner they are being deprived of the most powerful healing agent for respiratory diseases – OXYGEN.
Even a slight increase of the carbon dioxide levels in their bloodstream can contribute to anxiety and feelings of nervousness as well as cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue.
If there was a virus floatng around in the air it would enter your unmasked eyes. Duh!
2. Unsanitary    
Masks become filthy from the ambient air, touching, or simply breathing. Masks become more poisonous when laundered with detergent and/or bleach and fabric softener.

The more polluted the indoor and/or outdoor ambient air is, the quicker the mask will become contaminated. Not only is the mask capturing particulate and chemical pollution from the ambient air and the mask itself, the mi
of coughing and sneezing into the mask is problematic. Thus, the longer a mask is worn the dirtier and more contaminated and harmful it will become.
3. Immune System
A mask can be depressing and add to stress. Stress
can reduce immunity. Cortisol is a hormone linked with stress and has been shown to have negative effects, such as:
Impaired cognitive performance
Lowered immunity
Suppressed thyroid function
Blood sugar imbalances such as hyperglycemia
Decreased bone density Higher blood pressure 
Decreased muscle tissue
Slower wound healing, and other health consequences.

4. Depression
The longer one wears a mask, the more depressing the experience becomes. Not only is this discomfiting experience physically distressing, it can also become emotionally distressing.

There is a LOT of anecdotal evidence that proves the longer the mask is worn throughout the day, the more dispiriting. Likewise, the more days or weeks of continuous mask-wearing, the more distressing life becomes.

The best example of this can be found in stores where the employees have been forced to wear a mask. They are unhappy. Nor are they as helpful as they used to be. Courtesy and cheerfulness have been replaced with gloom and/or sadness and/or frustration and/or anger.

5. Bad Decisions
Whoever put out the official advice of wearing a mask in the manner which has been adopted nationwide has performed a tremendous disservice.
Dr. Michael Osterholm,  University of Minnesota, MN Health Department
Governor Tim Walz, a.k.a. The Ox
Jan Malcolm, unconfirmed MN Health Commissioner

When your immune response is compromised by constant mask-wearing, illness becomes much more likely. Medical authorities and health officials in charge of the coronavirus response effort need to draft a new national policy before more damage is done to the individual and collective health of the American people.

Those responsible for this extremely bad mask advice have created a toxic culture whereby the mask wearers are looking at those who abstain as being dangerous nonconformists who are somehow threatening the mask-wearer’s health. In this way, mask-wearing is quickly becoming a divisive wedge issue that has been driven deeply into the heart of the body politic. This certainly does not help the healing process which many are in dire need of today and beyond.

Families and friends are being unnecessarily separated during critical periods of the disease process, social tensions are being exacerbated. This state of affairs only creates a more conducive environment for illness
 clusters to increase; after all, stress weakens the immune system (unless it’s well managed).

Special Note: Recommendations by government officials and medical authorities everywhere were fundamentally fear-driven and not based on science or reality. This fear-based guidance has served to stampede people into blind compliance. Not only are victims unaware of this extremely bad advice to wear a mask, they are helpless to do anything about it. 
Health-care workers ought to wear inhospital-grade masks in every setting that requires one. Likewise, caregivers should also wear a non-toxic mask when working with a sick family member, friend or loved one, but only when necessary. It’s important to immediately take the mask off whenever it’s not needed.

Every situation is different and demands its own proper response. 

is information is provided to inform any decision to wear or not to wear a mask.
But perhaps the most important instruction is that no one should ever give in to offensive peer pressure to wear a mask when they know it’s wrong.
Provided by: Earth Protector®
Edited by: Leslie Davis, 612-529-5253


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The Treatment by Earth Protector® impregnates a ceramic coating into the metal of an engine and provides smoother operation resulting in fewer oil changes, reduced emissions, reduced vibration (harmonics), and more. The Treatment is being used on everything from semi-trucks, to bulldozers, and chainsaws. The Treatment cleans up with water and is non-toxic.

How to treat a vehicle with The Treatment:

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Monarch butterflies love milkweed.


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Fluoride lowers IQ and causes spots on some teeth (fluorosis).

Fluoride Facts

Cell PhonesEmf


We are surrounded by some health damaging, Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) emitted from cell phones, cell towers, and wi-fi.  The effects depend on your age and level of cell phone use.

Learn if EMFs are damaging you by not using your cell phone for one day and compare it to the days you use it. And vice versa.  Pay attention to headaches, nervousness, and attention span.  Call us with the results of your EMF analysis.


Ep Animals

Meet Paddle Tail and Friends ©1983

Paddle Tail, a smart, good-natured male beaver

Nibbles, an athletic, brave female rabbit

Irving, a rugged, affectionate male bear

Eagle Eye, a stern, watchful male eagle

Willow, a graceful female fawn

Rosie, a quiet, potent female skunk

B.J., a noisy male blue jay bird

Betty, a beautiful butterfly