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Be Great
Be an Earth Protector�®
"The Treatment"
"The Treatment" is our proprieatary product that cleans
vehicle emissions and increases miles per gallon.
Call Leslie at 612-529-5253 to learn more about
"The Treatment" and how it could save you money
and protect the environment.
The Earth is our home.
The Earth Protector Pledge
Earth Protector works to ensure
the children will grow in a safe environment.
Thanks for being an Earth Protector.


Fluoride lowers IQ and causes
unsightly spots on teeth (fluorisis).

Drinking fluoridated water to prevent cavaties
is like drinking sun screen to prevent sunburn.
Do you get it?


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190 scientists appeal to United Nations for help with EMF.

Paste this link in your browser to see the report.


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We are surrounded by health damaging,
Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) emitted from
cell phones, cell towers, and wi-fi.
The effects depend on your age and level of cell phone use.

Learn if EMFs are damaging you by not using your cell phone
for one day and compare it to the days you use it. And vice versa.
Pay attention to headaches, nervousneess, and attention span.

Call us with the results of your EMF analysis.




Meet the Earth Protector�® Animals

Click here for story (being revised right now)

Paddle Tail and Friends �©1983

Paddle Tail, a smart, good-natured male beaver
Nibbles, an athletic, brave female rabbit
Irving, a rugged, affectionate male bear
Eagle Eye, a stern, watchful male eagle
Willow, a graceful female fawn
Rosie, a quiet, potent female skunk
B.J., a noisy male blue jay bird
Betty, a beautiful butterfly




Earth Protector®