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115 million pigs in the U.S. are raised on factory farming where they experience incredibly brutal treatment. The sows are kept constantly pregnant or nursing in tiny confinement stalls.
These numbers may be changing very very slightly to new methods.


Their piglets are taken early (3 weeks) and put in tiny cement pens until they reach 5 pounds and transferred to finishing pens where they spend the rest of their lives inhaling their own excrement in pens where they can barely move around.


That's almost the fun part of their lives compared to the brutality and cruelty they face when the time comes to go to slaughter.


The loading of trucks at the factory farm, the trip often in freezing or sweltering heat to the slaughter house and the terror experienced by the animals as they are unloaded by workers who scream at them and use whips and electric prods to move them along.


At some point along the terror trail death relieves the pigs suffering and they become food for the holidays and the days in between.


If you do nothing to help pigs from brutal conditions, you need to examine your life.



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