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Meet the Earth Protector Animals
Earth Protector Licensing Corporation

Paddle Tail, a smart, good-natured male beaver
Nibbles, an athletic, brave female rabbit
Irving, a rugged, affectionate male bear

Willow, a graceful female fawn

Rosie, a quiet, potent female skunk

B.J., a noisy male blue jay bird

Betty, a beautiful butterfly

A Day In Wonderful Woods

It was a magnificent morning at Little Lake in Wonderful Woods. Paddle Tail the beaver was up early. He liked to watch the sun rise while swimming on his back and cutting perfect figure eights in the crisp clean water of Little Lake. This was Paddle Tail's favorite time of day because it was so quiet.

He hadn't been swimming for more than ten minutes when he heard crying. Willow the fawn was calling him. Paddle Tail knew Willow from the time she was born but he had never heard her cry with such sobbing. He knew something was very wrong. He swam for shore. He swam faster than he ever had in his life. Willow reached him just as he was darting out of the water.

With tears streaming down her face, Willow tried to tell paddle Tail what happened. Tears choked her words. Paddle Tail held her, and she calmed down. Paddle Tail, oh Paddle Tail, she sobbed, Nibbles (the rabbit) and I were out in the field when she saw a carrot, and you know how Nibbles loves carrots. She went after it. As soon as Nibbles grabbed the carrot a net fell over her and she was trapped. (More heavy sobbing and calming). Before I could do anything I saw people in long white coats coming from the direction of the building with no windows. They put Nibbles in a box and took her away. Oh, Paddle Tail, what will they do with Nibbles?

Paddle Tail became very worried because he knew about the building with no windows. He remembered hearing the screams coming from there a long time ago when they caught Nibbles mother. They never saw her again. It was one of the places where animals were used in order to test products like shampoos, soaps and cosmetics. Now they had Nibbles and Paddle Tail had to do all he could to save her.

Paddle Tail knew he would need the help of all the animals in Wonderful Woods. He ran to the hollow log to sound the call for help which would bring the animals to the log. While Paddle Tail was sounding the call for help his mind was racing and planning Nibbles rescue. He beat, Da Dum, Da Dum, Da Dum - Da Dum, Da Dum, Da Dum. You could hear the drumming echo throughout all the woods. Then he waited one minute and beat again., Da Dum, Da Dum, Da Dum - Da Dum, Da Dum, Da Dum.�??�?� All the time he was drumming Paddle Tail was thinking and planning.

Irving the bear was just turning over in his comfortable cave when he heard the call for help.� He listened carefully and yes it was the call for help. He jumped up and headed on the run to the hollow log.

Rosie the skunk was already eating her morning berries when she heard the call for help and almost got stepped on by Irving who was racing through the woods. Irving she yelled, could you give me a ride to the hollow log Irving slowed down hoisted Rosie on his back and off they went.

B.J. the blue jay was up late the night before with his friends. He wasn't up to dealing with problems this morning but he remembered giving his word that he would come when he heard the call for help so off he went. Eagle Eye had just helped feed his eaglets when he heard the call for help. He soared and flew faster than he ever had before to get to the hollow log.

The commotion was something never heard in Wonderful Woods before. Irving and Rosie were charging through the woods. B.J. was cackling and flying through the trees. Eagle Eye was screeching overhead, and Willow was yelling for everyone to run and fly faster.

Soon they were all gathered at the hollow log. Hearts were pounding, brows were sweating, yet everyone was completely silent and ready to listen to Paddle Tail. Willow was calming down and with the landing of Betty the butterfly on her head, she became totally still. Even Betty made not a flutter with her wings.

Paddle Tail told everyone what happened to Nibbles. Everyone was eager to hear and help.


They were going to chase the people out of the building with no windows by having Eagle Eye put smelly leaves and twigs in the ventilation system of the building. Then Irving will block the front door so the people in the building will have to go out the side door where B.J. and his friends will be waiting to dive at them to confuse and chase them. While this was going on Paddle Tail and Irving will enter the front door and free Nibbles and all the other animals. Then they will circle around the opposite side of the building from where the people went out and head down the hill for Little Lake where hopefully rafts to rescue them would be waiting.

Everything had to go on schedule or they would all be caught and tortured by the people in the white coats. Everyone had to fulfill their assignment perfectly.

Paddle Tail continued step-by-sep. Willow, you take off right now. Go to the other side of Little Lake. Tell the beavers I want them to make two rafts. Have them ready and waiting below the hill from the building with no windows before the sun moves over the big oak tree. They'll know what I mean. Take Betty with you to help keep you calm and both of you stay with the beavers.  Rosie, start right now to spray down piles of leaves and twigs with your special perfume.

Eagle Eye, wait for my signal to begin putting Rosies leaves and twigs in the ventialtion system of the building with no windows.

B.J., you and your friends tune up you voices to a high note of obnoxiousness. Be ready to dive and scream at the people when they come out of the building.

Irving, when I signal, you race out of the woods and hold the front door of the building closed so no one can come out. Remember, the people inside will be panicky and pushing hard. You must be ready for the fight of your life.

When the people inside give up trying to get out the front door Irving and I will go in and release Nibbles and all the other animals. As soon as the people realize what's happening they will turn and run back to the building. That's when everyone must run down the hill from the building with no windows and hurry onto the rafts. Many of the animals inside the building will be injured and need help to get to the rafts. Everyone will need to help until we all get to the rafts.

Paddle Tail knew his plan was complicated but with everyone doing their job he was confident they could rescue Nibbles and the other animals and get away safely.

Now was the time,

Paddle Tail gave the signal. Eagle Eye started bringing the smelly leaves and twigs Rosie had sprayed to the roof of the building. After three trips he had enough to fill up the ventilation system, and he began to do so.

The signal went to Irving to block the door. Within one minute his struggle began. The people on the other side, frantic to get out, began pushing and banging. Irving held strong. Paddle Tail could see his dedication to hold the door and he knew he would succeed.

Suddenly the pounding and pushing stopped. Paddle Tail could hear B.J. and his friends making an incredible racket while chasing and diving at the people in the white coats as they came out the side door.

He and Irving then raced into the building calling for Nibbles as loud as they could. Nibbles, Nibbles, they yelled. Irvings keen ears picked up her faint cry. Irving shouted. They ran down the hall and heard Nibbles behind one of the doors. It was locked. It was a heavy shiny metal door, and Paddle Tail knew it would be strong and tough to open. Before he could think about what to do Irving knocked the door off its hinges and they were in the laboratory. They saw Nibbles. She was being readied for the Draize Test where chemicals are placed in the eyes of live rabbits causing painful ulceration, hemorrhage of the eyeball, and blindness.

There were cages and cages full of rabbits, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and monkeys. They released Nibbles and then they released the monkeys so they could help release the other animals. In a matter of minutes all the animals were set free. The injured ones were being helped by the healthy ones, and the small ones were being carried by the larger ones. They all followed Paddle Tail out the front door and around the building.

No sooner were they out the front door when they saw the people in the white coats running back to the building, running faster than Paddle Tail thought they could. Run for the lake he yelled, run for the lake.� When the people in the white coats saw the animals escaping they ran after them. They were catching up. Paddle Tail continued to yell but he knew with all the little ones and the injured ones having to be carried they were notgoing to make it.

Then all of a sudden the largest swarm of butterflies Paddle Tail had ever seen in his whole life got in front of the people in the white coats, and they couldn't see the animals. It looked like Betty had gotten all the butterflies in the world to help. They were everywhere, and the people in the white coats couldn't see a thing.

When Paddle Tail saw Betty and her friends he knew that Willow had reached the beavers and the rafts would be there. He yelled to Irving to race ahead to help load the rafts and push them off from shore.

Down the hill they came, limping and bleeding, crying and yelling, with Willow and the beavers cheering them on and crying at the same time.

By this time the butterflies were tired and had to rest which gave the people in the white coats a clear view of the animals. They began to chase them again but they wouldn't catch them. The first raft was full and on its way out into the deep lake with the beavers pulling and pushing, and the second raft was almost full.

Now with the last animal on the second raft Irving pushed it off. There wasn't room for him so Paddle Tail told him to hang on the back and they would pull him along through the water.

What a beautiful sight it was with all the animals on the rafts and Irving being towed behind with Betty resting on his head.

All the animals were laughing, crying and cheering.

Willow and Nibbles were hugging.

B.J. and his friends were going off to a party.

Eagle Eye was headed home.

Rosie was looking forward to finishing her berry breakfast.

Paddle Tail winked to a smiling Betty and Irving who was loving the water and gave a paw up to his buddy for a job well-done.

When the Earth Protectors®, Paddle Tails friends, who lived in the city of tall buildings, heard what happened in Wonderful Woods that day, they contacted the people at the building with no windows and taught them how to test their shampoos, soaps, and cosmetics, without using animals.

They never used animals again for their testing, and they all lived happily ever after.

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