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"Symbol of Excellence"


The Earth Protector trademark is owned by the Earth Protector Licensing Corp.

You must have permission to use our properties. Call 612-529-5253.


Earth Protector Heroes

Earth Protector Friends


Earth Protector Animals
Paddle Tail and Friends

Paddle Tail, a smart, good-natured male beaver
Nibbles, an athletic, brave female rabbit
Irving, a rugged, affectionate male bear
Eagle Eye, a stern, watchful male eagle
Willow, a graceful, female fawn
Rosie, a quiet, potent female skunk
B.J., a noisy male blue jay bird
Betty, a beautiful butterfly

The Earth Protector Animals live around Little Lake in Wonderful Woods. Their
stories tell of adventures around the lake and teach children how to protect the environment.

The Earth Protector Animals are:
good role models, eager and busy, positive, engaging, endearing,
and they t
tell informative and interesting stories

Our market is this generation of educated, affluent, older parents, who are committed
to a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their children.

The Earth Protector name and the animal characters are registered and copyrighted
properties of the Earth Protector Licensing Corporation (EPLC) of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
They may not be used or reproduced without written permission of EPLC.


Earth Protector®