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Animal industries pack billions of animals in huge buildings where they breed and grow them. The animals suffer their entire lives under unspeakable conditions. If you eat animals raised on factory farms you eat the fat and antibiotics that the animals eat. There won't be enough money in the world to cover all the medical needs of America's future fat-filled people.

Animal factory farms produce vast amounts of manure that is dumped in ponds or piled on fields as fertilizer. The runoff of manure from fields, or flooding from ponds, enters our streams, lakes, rivers, and underground water supplies.

What would happen if our attraction to animal-based foods diminished and at the same time our appetite and enjoyment for other foods, which really nourish and are far better for us, increased? The effects on our physical health would be immediate. Cancer and heart attack, the nation's biggest killers, would drop. So would many other diseases now linked to consumption of animal proteins and fats, such as osteoporosis. We would cease ingesting the drugs pumped into meat and poultry.

Animals suffer for food fat. Pigs are stacked in cages like cars in a parking ramp. They never go outside. They never exercise or relate to other animals until they are packed into trucks and taken to the slaughter house. Often in sub zero weather or sweltering heat. Terror is all they know on their trip to the slaughter house to become ham for the holiday, bacon and beef for the burgers, and fat for your arteries.

Cattle suffer terribly. Jammed into feedlots to be fattened before going to the slaughter house, they are sprayed with pesticides and loaded with various hormones and antibiotics through their food and by injection. When you eat beef you ingest the animals misery & the chemicals that were put in them.

The suffering of turkeys and chickens is as bad. They are more than likely raised in packed confinement barns where they are so crazed that their beaks are cut off when they are babies so they don't peck out the eyes of their neighbors. Most never go outside until they are taken to the slaughter house or soup factory. Cows and ducks raised on factory farms experience similar suffering and misery during their entire lives.

Isn't it gross to even think about eating chunks of flesh from animals who have lived miserable suffering lives packed in cages, feedlots or giant barns? People who sell or buy meat from suffering animals are partners in the cruelty.


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